Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Margate Supporters Club Programme Notes v Billericay Town

No-one said it would be easy. No-one believed opponents would roll over, curl up and watch benevolently as we bulged their net at regular intervals. No-one thought for one moment that it would be continually pretty our preferred inter passing constant movement style mesmerizing our foes into awe-inspiring submission. Far from it because if you know the Isthmian (Ryman) League as well as MFC do, although maybe nowhere near as well as Hendon do, you know the score. Therefore, as the unbreached back line of East Thurrock prepares to shut up shop for the first time away from home last Tuesday, we should strike a note of satisfaction at achieving nine points out of the first nine; you can’t better that return whatever the circumstances. 

At Mill Field, in the downsized clubhouse that Aveley allowed, the bright orange permeated the hues of blue worn by both sets of supporters; it could be the future! Our record against Grays had been second to none being reminded that we had never beaten them since World War Two! The victory owed as much to grit and determination than silky skills; if the latter was intended – it was – the state of the pitch ensured it wouldn’t happen affecting ‘The Blues’ as well as ‘The Gate’. Sad to see the poor condition of the playing surface so early in the season; expect similar elsewhere! Those who attended Earlsmead for the third ‘tricky one’ on the trot (aren’t they all?) probably saw much of the same. But as at Tuesday morning we remained unscathed so let’s rejoice at that.

Good news for those, and there are many, who enjoy a flutter on the 50:50 raffle (if that’s what it is). It’s back! Depending on the printers’ speed of production they may have been on sale on Tuesday but if not, unless there has been an unmitigated disaster, today sees the relaunch. Good luck to all participants. Winning ticket numbers will be announced at half-time with the results also posted at the MSC hut. 

Another development is the new MSC web page to be found on the main MFC site home page; just follow the link. Here you will find all the latest news about MSC including travel and social events. More in depth information about both travel and social events may be found at www.facebook.com/MargateSupportersClub. There you will find details of how to book seats on the coach and tickets for events once they are organized. 

We are trying to encourage more youngsters to follow the club away by offering a special deal for the trip to Hornchurch in September for those aged between 14 and 18 years; let’s hope a lot of interest is shown. As to social get-togethers in the pipeline we have dog-racing at Sittingbourne (September), ten-pin bowling at Bugsy’s (October), a quiz (November) and the annual Christmas Draw (December). If any member has an idea about different ways of pulling fans together, other than at matches of course, please let me, Keith Lewis, know at keith.lewis2008@talktalk.net

Membership is close to three figures and may have passed that magical target by now. Anyone who has joined in these first few hectic weeks of the season and has yet to receive their membership card may do so at the MSC hut before kick-off. Membership forms can also be found there.

I remember, just, in my playing days how much I hated missing the odd game for whatever reason. I can’t imagine what I would have felt like if an entire season had been lost. I am sure all supporters will join MSC in wishing Mitchell Nelson well in his long battle to overcome the terrible injury he has suffered. We look forward to seeing him back in action again when fully fit.

Now into the fifth game and for supporters it feels like we’re back in the groove; maybe the team as well! Ours is the easier of the two! Success boosts the confidence levels and that in turn leads to more success. Success can be gained with the assistance of positive crowd backing. Enough said. 

Enjoy the game.

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